Dougherty Garden – Today in the Garden – November 5, 2017

Took a few pictures today and still trying to identify two of these plants. I’m still looking for a name for these two plants and will point them out below.


The base of my Coconut palm tree that was snapped off at the base of the trunk with the strong winds from Hurricane Irma. I’m taking pictures of the canopy of this palm tree to have a close-up picture of the various stages of growth of a Coconut palm tree’s seed pod. It is still growing with some of the roots still attached to the bottom of the palm still in the ground.

630 Light Colored Marginata Plant in the Dougherty Garden on 102910

This is a light version of the Marginata plant in the Dougherty Garden.  As you can see from the trunk, this plant is part of the Cordyline family of plants.


This is an Aloe Vera plant that likes to live in full sun. I learned from the net that this Aloe Vera grows and forms a trunk over time. That’is my goal at the moment is to take the largest of these Aloe Vera plants and set it aside in a pot by itself and sit back and see what happens.


This is the base of my Bismarckia nobilis palm tree that sits almost in the middle of the Dougherty Garden. It serves as a host plant for some of my Orchids because of the base of the leaf doesn’t fall off right away when the leaf turns brown.


When I cleaned up the base of the Bismarckia nobilis palm tree above, I take the old debris from the base of the palm tree and sift it for any reusable mulch and soil. As I was sifting through the dirt, I came across this little stub and after investigating it, I found that it was a small Orchid that I thought had died. I placed it on top of my palm seeds and left it for mother nature to do her thing.

This is the first plant that I need a little help in identifying. The base of the trunk is almost similar to that of a Cactus as you can see in the picture. The leaves are about 4 to 6 inches long.


You are looking at the base of a Cabbage palm tree which is littered with the bottom portion of a palm tree leaf. Years ago, I met an old local that was clearing a lot for the building of a new home and he told me that this picture was referred to as a ‘booted’ palm’ tree. I was told that the shoe horn used to put on a new pair of shoes at the shoe store was the reference he was referring to when he talked to me.


This is a cream colored flower on a Euphorbia milii plant. They make a great edging plant for a garden.


Yucca tree with old leaves pulled off. I tend to pull the lower leafs off the Yucca plant because they are rather pointed and catch the top of my head when I’m trying to take care of a plant nearby. The old leafs tend to brown out and look a bit nasty and that’s the reason that I try to take them off. When this plant gets bigger, it becomes more of a problem that you have to use a ladder to reach the old leaves.


Here is one of my Pothus plant that loves to climb a Cabbage palm tree. As it progresses up the base of the Cabbage palm tree, the leaves get a little bit bigger.

Here is the other plant that needs a proper name. I call it the umbrella plant because of the picture looks like the top portion of the plant operated like an umbrella. During the day when the sun is out, the leaves are spread out and the flowers are small and pic=nk (if I recall). At night time, the canopy closes down a bit like you see in the above picture on the right bottom.

Small Pink Flowers

I used a Snagit tool to capture the small flower that has yet to open on the R41 Unknown plant.


Here are my Basile plants that I recently re-potted and will soon plant in the ground in the center of the Dougherty Garden.


That covers a few pictures of Today in the Dougherty Garden.


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